Saturday, October 6, 2012

Brrrr October's Cooler Weather

I wasn't expecting for the temperatures to drop this weekend. No, it's not snowy cold, but it is much cooler. It reminds me that the season is changing. Won't be long till we'll need to curl up with a good book and your sweeties. ;-)  Nothing like cuddling under a blanket with a roaring fire and watching a movie or whatever else comes up.

I'm trying to finish up A Dirty Dozen Christmas this week. All of your favorite Dirty Dozen characters are in it. Don't you just love bikers. I sure do. That's why I started writing The Ghost Riders.  These guys are a litle more down and dirty. Still, they will capture your attention as they work to keep their women safe.

What's next on the agenda? Well, I have a couple of books started and need to decide what to work on next. Maybe I'll give you a hint next time. Till then, I'll leave you with some pretty covers for your enjoyment.


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  1. Love those covers! And I can't wait for the Christmas book to come out!
    Hugs xx