Friday, October 19, 2012


I promised pictures from the Retreat in Texas and here they are. I will have more later. Just digging through my photos.
This is the owner of the ranch we were staying at The Silver Spur in Bandares, Texas. He knew all the stories and history about cowboys!

He was one of the wonderful cowboys who let us harass him over and over again. ;-)

This is a real Longhorn cow. They are lethal with their horns. The thing is, they turn their head and don't realize they are going to poke you. You have to be on your toes around them.

These are two of the three donkeys on the ranch. This is Jenny (mom) and her baby. Jenny is expecting another one soon!  Her mate is Jack, not shown here. They were free to roam all over the ranch and stayed right by the main lodge. We had fun feeding them. They would follow you anywhere for some food.

Okay, everyone. That's all I have for now. More pics. later. Right now I'm busy writing on Book Two of The Ghost Riders.  Vernon and Rhodes have to find Jessie. Tussler, her brother, shipped her off to relatives to get her away from them.


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  1. Great photos..sounds like you had an amazing time!
    Looking forward to Book Two!!
    Hugs xx