Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Around the Corner

Hey everyone! I'm getting excited about Halloween and today my book, Forever and Always is officially out! You can buy it HERE  There's an excerpt or two there, too.  Be sure to let me know what you think of it when you finish. My email is Here

With Halloween right around the corner, I'm wondering what everyone has planned. Me? I will be attending a very adult costume party. ;-)  I can't wait. What about you? Care to tell me what you're going to be doing that night?

I'm working on two different books right now and having trouble deciding which one to finish first. One is a sequel to the new series The Ghost Riders  Rhodes and Vernon are trying to rescue their woman and take her back to Reo, Texas where they can keep her safe.

They other one is book one of a new series centered around shifters. I'm having a good time writing this one, too. I just can't concentrate on either one because I want to be writing on the other one. How about if we take a poll out there? Tell me what you would like to see next. I'll check my comments and see what you want next. :-)

Got to run. Need to get to work on some edits next. I'll check back to see what you've decided.


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