Monday, October 15, 2012

Now Available for Pre-Order! Forever and Always

Book Four of the Riverbend, Texas Heat series is now available for Pre-order. There's nothing like being independent and paying your won way in life, but sometimes, you need a little help. Lana isn't convinced that Justin and Paul are really interested in her for more than a  little fun. When they start trying to "handle" all of her problems, she rebels. What will it take to convince her that they are serious about her and want her forever and always?

I'll post a little naughty excerpt just to tease you. To get it all you'll have to buy the book. It officially comes out on Friday, October, 26th.

Till then.....

Lana couldn’t help but respond to him. Her mouth opened and his tongue dove inside to tease and tangle with hers. She slipped her hands into his hair and gave herself over to him with a whimper as he took her higher and higher with just the kiss. Then he was pulling away just enough to run his mouth all along her jaw to nip and suck on her earlobe. It sent shivers down her spine and goose bumps along her arms. She could feel her pussy weeping her juice as Justin continued his roving down her neck.
He licked at her neck then sucked on it, no doubt leaving a mark there before moving over to her shoulder. He nuzzled aside the neck of the V-neck T-shirt she was wearing and bit lightly against her shoulder. Pulling back, he looked deep into her eyes.
“Let me give you pleasure, Lana. I want to show you how much you mean to me. To us. I’ll be careful with you. Please, sweetheart. Let me taste your sweet honey.”
“Oh, God, Justin. What are you doing to me? I can’t breathe.”
“Shh. Just relax and let me make you feel good. I’ll take real good care of you, Lana.” He moved down her body and slipped his hands beneath her shirt to lightly rasp over her nipples. They were already hard from his kisses, but with the extra stimulation, they began to ache in need for a heavier touch. Justin lifted the cotton material and folded it at her neck. He just stared at her breasts for several seconds before moaning and lowering his mouth to lick at one torrid peak. The sensation of his tongue rasping over the tip sent jolts of electricity through her body.
“God, they’re perfect, Lana.” He palmed them with his large hands then sucked a nipple deep into his mouth.
Lana bowed her back as he sucked more and more of her breast into his mouth. He seemed on a mission to take all he could into the hot, wet cavern before finally backing off to nip at the nipple once more. Then he moved to the other breast and repeated the process while pulling and rolling the abandoned one between his fingers.
It was too much. Lana felt things begin to simmer deep inside of her. If he kept doing what he was doing, she was going to come from him playing with her breasts alone. That shouldn’t happen, should it? He would think she was immature if that happened. She fought it with all her strength, but when he lightly bit and pulled on her nipple, electricity arced across her body, sending her pussy into spasms.
“Ahhh!” She screamed out her climax even as tears spilled down her face with embarrassment.
Justin growled around her nipple before releasing it and sitting back. When he saw her tears he cupped her face with both hands.
“Shh, what’s wrong, sweetheart? Did I hurt you? God, baby. What’s wrong?”
“I–I couldn’t stop it. I’m sorry.” She turned her face from him, sure that she would see disgust in his face.
“Oh, honey. Don’t apologize for that. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. You’re so responsive, hon. I love it.” He kissed her cheeks and thumbed away the tears there.
“You’re not disappointed with me?”
“Hell, no. That was wonderful, but I’m not through with you yet.” He kissed her again then grinned and began kissing his way down her chest and abdomen, making sure to skirt the tiny cuts there, to the waistband of her shorts.
Lana moaned as his mouth caressed her pelvis. When he began pulling down her shorts, she panicked. Her shorts were wet from her arousal. What would he think of her? He growled when she grabbed his hands to stop him.
“Move your hands, sweetheart. I’ve got to taste your sweet honey. I can smell you and it’s driving me crazy.”
She lifted them and sighed when he pulled her shorts from her body. Justin moved one leg out and over his shoulder so that he could access her wet center. His warm breath across he pussy lips made her jerk with anticipation of more. Surely he would drive her insane if he touched her there. She was already panting with expectation as his mouth hovered mere inches from her most intimate of places.

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