Sunday, October 21, 2012

To Many Books Calling to Me

I'm having trouble today settling down to write. There are too many books calling to me. I have the next book in The Ghost Riders series open on my desktop with another book from The Men of Space Station One downsized on the bar. There there is the new shapeshifter sereis that's about to drive me crazy calling in the background. I knew better than to open it up on the bar. What am I supposed to do? Who do I listen to and work on?

Another book in the sereies Knights in Black Leather is calling out in my mind for time as well. It promises if I will just start it on paper that it will back off for a while longer. Do I trust it and give in, or will it start nagging at me like the others do? How do any of you choose what to write on next? I need help with this. Someone give me an idea of what to work on next.

Marla Monroe

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